20years-01You are needed to help us fund this new facility through the contribution of bricks and the naming of the special collections

We are almost there. We have just $2,000 more to go before we reach our $30,000 Building Fund goal for the new Vicki Hollon Center for Oates Studies. Now we just need a few people to push us on over the top with the contribution of a few more bricks, foundation stones, or cornerstones. The Building Fund is to enable us to build this new virtual library that is crucial to expanding our programming to serve both Clinical and Congregational Members. Please consider helping us celebrate the Oates Institute's 20th Anniversary year by contributing brick.

The Vicki Hollon Center for Oates Studies will serve both Clinical and Congregational Members by significantly expanding access and resources available. The special collections it will house include:

  • Pastoral and Spiritual Care Resource Center with member blogs and other resources (Yet to be funded)
  • Oates Institute Online Conference Center, including all previous conference presentations  (Yet to be funded)
  • The Oates Award Archive featuring recordings of prior Oates Award presentations  (Yet to be funded)
  • Forums on Healing Archive featuring recordings of previous Forum presentations (funded in honor of Bert Akin)
  • Palliative Care Resource Center (partially funded with a matching gift in honor of Chris Hammon)
  • Seminar and Self Study Resource Center (Yet to be funded)
  • Wayne Oates Library Collection (funded in honor of Charles Gaba)
  • Wayne Oates Video Archive (funded in honor of Anne Ogden)
  • Art and Spirituality Gallery (funding pending)

We are ambitious to wrap this up so that we can begin construction on this new part of our virutal campus. Our goal is to have it ready to dedicate this coming October as part of the Oates Institutes 20th Anniversary Celebration. Bricks are only $100 each and we invite you to buy one or buy a bundle.


Please join us in making this happen in one of three ways: 


1. We invite you to contribute your brick now:


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2. Become a Brickholder through four installments:


Buy a Brick over 4 months
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3. Contribute books by making a donation toward the Center for Oates Studies Library Fund: