Leaving Church coverHow often have we heard the phrase, "I'm spiritual, but not religious"? Episcopal priest (and writer) Barbara Brown Taylor writes in her memoir, Leaving Church, of losing her faith with the church and much of religion, but not with God. In her very down-to-earth way, Taylor shares what many of us have felt, and perhaps struggled in guilt over, as we seek to reconcile our work, faith, and church affiliations. In the May 6-24 online seminar on Spiritual but not Religious: Leaving Church, participants have the opportunity to reflect on Taylor's perspectives and their own experiences with others who are no longer seeing church as the avenue for meeting their spiritual needs.


"For many pastors, pastoral counselors, chaplains, and caregivers, we were called to ministry and gave ourselves to the work fully. Then we find we are exhausted and frustrated with the institution of religion." Taylor says that after she gave up her church post, she "... remembered what she had known all along, that the church is not the stopping place but a starting place for discerning God’s presence in the world.” 

The leaders of this seminar will weave in other writers experiences to discuss the phenomenon of being spiritual but not religious. The goals are:

    • Finding:  To do a self study of our own spiritual history
    • Losing:  To look at the phenomenon of being spiritual but not religious
    • Keeping:  To discover what is truly important to one’s faith that you do not want to discard

 This seminar features the Oates Institute's Connected Learning approach where one may participate from anywhere at times convenient to one's schedule.

Continuing Education Credit

This seminar offers 12 contact hours of continuing education for ministers, counselors, chaplains, and social workers. To qualify for the CEUs participants are expected to read the presentations and participate in the email discussion by contributing at least two email messages per week. One message is to reflect on the presentations or case studies in light of one's personal experience and context and the second is to respond to someone else’s reflection or inquiry.


This seminar is limited to 12 participants. It is new, so you will want to register soon. Members of the Oates Institute may register for free, others may register for only $90.

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