Our Heritage: The Wayne Oates Institute was founded in 1993 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is built on  Wayne E. Oates’ tradition of caring for the whole person; body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Oates wrote 57 books in the field of Psychology of Religion. He was a nationally recognized speaker and a pastoral counselor, and he taught in the context of both theological and medical education.

Our Mission: The Wayne Oates Institute is a learning community advancing collaborative, compassionate, and integrative care. Our membership consists of professional and lay caregivers in the fields of religion, nursing, pastoral care and counseling, medicine, social work, and therapy. We accomplish our mission through education, publication, and research and make our resources available locally, nationally, and internationally on the Internet.

participateMembership: The Oates Institute is a learning community with members representing 43 states and 15 countries. We offer two levels of membership: Clinical Memberships for those seeking continuing professional education as chaplains, counselors, pastors, social workers, and other professions incorporating spiritual care. And Congregational Memberships for churches, synagogues, and other organizations providing spiritual care to their members in their communities. Congregational memberships provide anyone who is a member of the congregation to access any of the resources of the Oates Journal and the Center for Oates Studie.

Education: The Oates Institute provides continuing education in both an online and traditional format. Since 1998 the Institute has developed educational opportunities by utilizing the Internet and in 2013 we will offer over 40 online seminars for Clinical members and more than 30 for Congregational members.

Oates Journal: The Oates Journal is an online professional journal published by the Wayne Oates Institute to address issues of spirituality, ethics, and health for pastoral caregivers and healthcare professionals. This publication is designed to share new information and facilitate dialogue and learning from colleagues.

Lifelong Learning @ Oates.Org: This is the Oates Institute’s free eNewsletter. It has a growing subscription list of more than 2200 individuals. Go to http://www.oates.org to sign up to receive future editions.

Transformative Leadership Lab for Pastors: This is a special track in the Congregational Care Network that helps pastors learn how to be adaptive and transformative leaders. It is a lab where the learning is contextual, particular, and organic involving colleagues who are learning as we are doing. We will be selecting up to twelve participants per year for this opportunity.

Congregational Care Leadership Certificate: This is a special track in the Congregational Care Network that provides a modular approach to training in congregational caregiving that develops skills in deep listening, making hospital and home visits, grief counseling, crisis intervention, maintaining boundaries, self-care, making referrals to other community resources, and leading a care team within a congregation.

Pauline Oates Pastoral Care Specialist Certificate (PCS): The PCS certificate was designed in collaboration with the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. It has been designed for clergy or laity who are responsible for meeting pastoral care needs within their congregations and it provides training in brief, supportive pastoral care and counseling.

Center for Oates Studies: The new Center for Oates Studies will be a growing collection of Dr. Wayne Oates’ writings, lectures, interviews, and letters that reflect his forward thinking in ministry. These resources are available in physical space as part of the Oates Institute offices and in virtual space as part of the Oates Institute’s online campus. They serve as an incubator for education and research.

Publication: In addition to the Oates Journal and our eNewsletter, the Institute is republishing many of Dr. Oates’ books for educational purposes as part of the Center for Oates Studies.