Image17-oates-57b-sThe Wayne Oates Award was established in 1989 by the Long Run Baptist Association in Louisville, Kentucky and has continued as an annual recognition since its beginning. In 2003 the Oates Institute became a joint sponsor of this award and is committed to help continue this tradition and promote it nationally. The Wayne Oates Award is given to a person that has demonstrated exceptional qualities in the following three areas of Pastoral Care:

Ministry – Demonstration of the healing, sustaining, guiding, and reconciling aspects of Pastoral Care in both personal and professional roles.

Leadership – Contributions to the field of Pastoral Care through education, creation of programs, and writing.

Personal Service – Longevity, excellence and faithfulness in the field of Pastoral Care to individuals, institutions, faith groups and professional organizations; demonstration of personal integrity in their lifestyle.

Dr. Loren Townsend, Henry Morris Edmonds Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, is the most recent recipient of the Oates Award in 2012. Nominations are currently being accepted for 2013.

Recent Oates Award recipients include Dr. Helen Jones (2011), Dr.Hardy Clemons (2010), Dr. Allan Josephson (2009), and Dr. Kay Shurden (2008). To submit a nomination, send a:

  • Resume or curriculum vita for the person nominated
  • Personal letter of recommendation describing how the nominee meets the award ctiteria
  • Contact information for the nominee and yourself

to the Wayne E. Oates Institute (1733 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205).

The deadline for submission of nominations is March 15, 2011.

The Award recipient will be recognized and asked to speak at the Oates Award Banquet in September 2011, where they will receive their award. Following the dinner their presentation will be published online and made publicly available in the Oates Journal.


Previous Oates Award Receipients:

2012 - Loren Townsend
2011 - Helen Jones
2010 - Hardy Clemons
2009 - Allan Josephson
2008 - Kay Shurden
2007 - Brooks Faulkner
2006 - Larry VandeCreek
2005 - Daniel G. Bagby
2004 - C. Roy Woodruff
2003 - Ron Oliver
2002 - Vicki L. Hollon
2001 - Teresa Snorton
2000 - Ted Hodge
1999 - G. Wade Rowatt
1998 - D. Powell and Hélène S. Royster
1997 - Jan Cox-Gedmark
1996 - Walter Jackson
1995 - James Hyde
1994 - R. Wayne Willis
1993 - Sarah Ewing
1992 - Andrew and Judith Lester
1991 - Sue Webb Cardwell
1990 - William B. Rogers
1989 - Clarence Barton