calendar-03We are adding a seminar and rescheduling a seminar on the July list for Clinical members. We are adding an outstanding seminar on Educating Families on Death and Dying, which is a very practical approach to developing programs for helping families understand how to best care for loved ones who are dying. We are postponing the seminar on Pastoral and Spiritual Care for a Society Living Longer until September.


deathanddying-butEducating Families on Death and Dying addresses the special communications challenges that chaplains, social workers, pastors, and other spiritual care givers face when working with families facing death and dying. It doesn't matter whether death or the threat of death is through trauma, chronic illness, disease progression, or age; conversations about care plans, pain management, and decision points—curative versus palliative, psychosocial issues, financial matters, spiritual issues—are often extremely difficult and painful for the patients, the families, and the health care professionals. This seminar will identify key conversations that families need to have about death and dying, barriers to having them, and strategies for communicating with patients and family members to help them navigate this journey.

Dr. Vern Farnum is the presenter for this seminar, which grew out of his doctoral research in this area. He is a Board Certified Chaplain in the Association of Professional Chaplains and a Certified Thanatologist in the Association of Death Education and Counseling. His work within hospitals and churches has not only provided him with a abundance of experience in thantology and bereavement but has provided those hospitals and congregations with a wealth of tools to use in educating people regarding dealth and dying.


Pastoral and Spiritual Care for a Society Living Longer (now moving to September) addresses numerous aging issues that need to be proactively addressed within congregational, healthcare, and community settings. It focuses in on the challenges that are exacerbated by societal ambivalence that seeks to ignore some of the deeper issues of self-esteem, meaning, and sense of purpose experienced in the aging process. The primary goal for this seminar is to provide a constructive and integrated format for addressing some of the spiritual, mental, and physical health issues of people living longer as they encounter new challenges in the aging process, including living longer with serious illness or injury. Please sign up for this and other September seminars now (non-member registration is still being worked on)!




These seminars feature the Oates Institute's Connected Learning approach and are limited to 12 participants. Members of the Oates Institute may register for free, others may register for only $90.


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