journalWe are in the process of moving the Oates Journal to the main site. This is a big project because of the number of articles involved, but it will be extremely beneficial to have it back as part of the main site again. To access the Oates Journal now, just go to and click on Oates Journal in the top menu bar. In addition to being in the process of moving the Journal, we have started construction on the new Vicki Hollon Center for Oates Studies. You will want to follow the growth of the resources offered here. We still need to raise some more funds for several sections, so we will add those sections as funds come in for them.


The move of the Oates Journal has been in the planning for some time because it was running on an older platform that did not offer us as much flexibility and possibility as the newer platforms available to us. This spring the older platform became vulnerable to the waves of malware attacks taking place throughout the United States, so we knew it was time to move. In addition to the new creative opportunities it provides us, it also consolidates the subscriber databases so that the same login works for access the Journal, member registrations, and library resources.

We do not have all of the resources of the Oates Journal back online yet. We are making headway, giving priority to the more recent articles first, but this is a big project. We expect to have all of the archives back in place and accessible by the beginning of September.

library-01At the same time that we are moving the Oates Journal, we have also started construction of the new Vicki Hollon Center for Oates Studies. The Library, named in honor of the former director of the Oates Institute, will be at the heart of the Institute's virtual campus. This is a key resource for us in terms of our future programming. It is here that we are adding and collecting resources that we will be using for clinical and congregational seminars, webinars, and self-study modules. It is a critical piece to have in place for the expansion of our programming to congregations and the new Congregational Care Network. It is the part of the overall plan for the future of the Institute that will enable us to work more efficiently and effectively while also expanding our services and the learnign opportunities we provide.

We do not yet have the construction of the new library completely funded. We still need another $2,000 contributed to the building fund. But our programming needs this in place as fast as we can get it there, so we are building and putting in the resources that we need to have in place. We will add the other sections as the funding comes in. We will be dedicating the new Library at the annual Oates Award Banquet on Thursday, October 3.

As we are moving the Oates Journal and constructing the new Vicki Hollon Center for Oates Studies, keep in mind that these are both active works in progress. Our goal is adding new things every day; some days it is in the Journal and some days in the Library. So every week you will see change.

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