a cash-03Several years ago, a large Presbyterian congregation in Louisville asked me to create a Healing Music Library for them.  I had presented five consecutive Wednesday night church supper programs for them on “Music Through the Lifespan” and we had talked quite a bit about using music with hospitalized church family, biologic family and friends.  

As we all know, a hospital is not the place to go and get any rest or a good night’s sleep.  When you’re in the hospital, you’re constantly being poked and prodded, ambulances race in and out of the hospital campus, and overhead paging, noisy room-mates and a host of other problems conspire to make you anxious and eager to get home.

Let’s look at it this way, if you’re not feeling well and are lying in a hospital, would you rather have a box of candy, a vase of flowers or some of your favorite comforting music with some lightweight headphones that you can put on and escape to a place of comfort and serenity?  Of course if you can see the faces of the ones you love and have their comforting words and prayers and stories, that’s probably number one, but when they leave, wouldn’t you love to have some CD’s of your favorite calm, soothing, familiar and comforting music?

The good people at this large church in Louisville asked me to compile a healing music library that would include:

  • 5 boom boxes,
  • 4 Discman players with headphones,
  • about two dozen music CD’s,
  • a couple of MP3 players preloaded with favorite hymns and anthems, and
  • a collection of cassette tapes for people who still had tape players.

Members and friends of the congregation then were invited to donate music CDs and tapes that had been meaningful to them but that they were willing to give to the Healing Music Library.

The Healing Music Library is also great for Stephen ministry or other such programs, where people at home are grieving or suffering from depression or other illnesses.  Sometimes familiar music really can be the best medicine.  I’m sure you remember that it worked for King Saul when he was in a deep depression and the only thing that made a difference was when “Little David” played on his harp.

Assembling a Healing Music Library is really not difficult and can be checked out of the church office and returned after a week or two.  I highly recommend this concept for hospitalized church members or those at home who are lonely or not feeling well.  Please let me know if I can help!


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