Center for Oates Studies

constructionThe Vicki Hollon Center for Oates Studies will serve both Clinical and Congregational Members by significantly expanding access and resources available. It will house:

  • Wayne Oates Library Collection (funded in honor of Charles Gaba)
  • Forums on Healing Archive featuring recordings of previous Forum presentations (funded in honor of Bert Akin)
  • Pastoral and Spiritual Care Resource Center with member blogs and other resources (Yet to be funded)
  • Oates Institute Online Conference Center, including all previous conference presentations  (Yet to be funded)
  • The Oates Award Archive featuring recordings of prior Oates Award presentations  (Yet to be funded)
  • Palliative Care Resource Center (partially funded with a matching gift in honor of Chris Hammon)
  • Seminar and Self Study Resource Center (Yet to be funded)
  • Wayne Oates Video Archive (funded in honor of Anne Ogden)
  • Art and Spirituality Gallery (funding pending)

The construction of this new virtual library has been made possible through the contributions of bricks, foundation stones, and cornerstones along with special gifts for the various collections in the library. It is not too late to be part of this.  Bricks are only $100 each and we invite you to buy one or buy a bundle.

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  • Books by Wayne Oates


     Wayne Oates authored 58 books during his lifetime, many of which are recognized as significant contributions to the literature in the fields of psychology of religion, pastoral care, and pastoral counseling. Several of these, including The Christian Pastor, remain in print with the original publishers. Many, however, have gone out of print. Through the Wayne Oates Republishing Project the Oates Institute is bringing a number of these works available again by digitally republishing them.

    This section made possible through contributions in honor of Charles Gaba, MD.

    Republications funded in part by contributions from Eleanor Bingham Miller


  • Conferences

    participate from wherever you areThe Wayne Oates Institute has been holding online conferences since 1998, begining with the Hope as a Dynamic for Healing conference. This is a collection of prior conference presentations.

    This section made possible through contributions in honor of Anne Ogden.

  • Forums on Healing

    Ted and Caroline LynchThrough the second half of the 1990s and into the early 2000s the Wayne Oates Institute hosted a number of monthly Forums on Healing. From 2007-2010 the Institute hosted the annual Caroline Lynch Forum on Healing. This will collection will house the recordings from these events. Some recordings are audio only. Some are video.

    This section made possible through contributions in honor of Bert Akin.

  • Seminar Resource Archive

    The Oates Institute has been offering online continuing education seminars since 2003. This Resource Archive houses many of the resources used by the seminars and Self Study Learning Modules.

    This section has yet to be funded. Member access is required.

  • Oates Award Archive
    This section has not yet been fundDr. Wayne Oatesed. Once funded it will contain recordings (audio and video) of prior Oates Award recipient presentations available to the public.
    The Oates Award is an annual recognition of a person's contributions to the field of pastoral and spiritual care. Each year the Award is given to a person that has demonstrated exceptional qualities in the following three areas of Pastoral Care:
    Ministry – Demonstration of the healing, sustaining, guiding, and reconciling aspects of Pastoral Care in both personal and professional roles.
    Leadership – Contributions to the field of Pastoral Care through education, creation of programs, and writing.
    Personal Service – Longevity, excellence and faithfulness in the field of Pastoral Care to individuals, institutions, faith groups and professional organizations; demonstration of personal integrity in their lifestyle.
    The Oates Award was established in 1989 by the Long Run Baptist Association in Louisville, Kentucky, and has continued as an annual recognition since its beginning. In 2003 the Oates Institute became a joint sponsor of this award and is committed to help continue this tradition and promote it nationally.
    The 2013 Oates Award recipient is Dr. Georgine Buckwalter, chaplain at the Episcopal Church Home in Louisville. The award was presented on October 3, in Louisville, Kentucky. Her presentation was on "Baby Boomers: Aging and Pastoral Care."
    Previous Oates Award Receipients:

    2012 - Loren Townsend
    2011 - Helen Jones
    2010 - Hardy Clemons
    2009 - Allan Josephson
    2008 - Kay Shurden
    2007 - Brooks Faulkner
    2006 - Larry VandeCreek
    2005 - Daniel G. Bagby
    2004 - C. Roy Woodruff
    2003 - Ron Oliver
    2002 - Vicki L. Hollon
    2001 - Teresa Snorton

    2000 - Ted Hodge
    1999 - G. Wade Rowatt
    1998 - D. Powell and Hélène S. Royster
    1997 - Jan Cox-Gedmark
    1996 - Walter Jackson
    1995 - James Hyde
    1994 - R. Wayne Willis
    1993 - Sarah Ewing
    1992 - Andrew and Judith Lester
    1991 - Sue Webb Cardwell
    1990 - William B. Rogers
    1989 - Clarence Barton


    Presentations available:

  • Friends of the Library

    bricks-05-sThe construction of the Vicki L. Hollon Center for Oates Studies was made possible through the contributions of bricks, foundation stones, and cornerstones along with special gifts for the various collections in the library.  This growing  collection of resources serves both Clinical and Congregational Care Network members in a variety of ways, including resources for seminars and independent study.

    Maintaining this library and continuing to add new resources also depends on the support of friends through one time gifts and small monthly contributions. We invite you to become a Friend of the Library today.