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  • We invite you to join in the conversation
  • How do we care for troublesome people?
  • Oates Journal is on the Move, the Library is Under Construction
    • Helping Churches Care: Grief Ministry in Action by Cindy Wallace, D.Min.


Summer is heating up here at the Oates Institute, and we are looking at some terrific seminars in July. Register NOW for your July seminar before all the spots are taken.

We are also proud to feature a NEW article by Cindy Wallace on grief in the Oates Journal. We hope to hear more from her in the future.

We invite you to join in the conversation

Join us in envisioning the future we seek to create ...

In this time of change when lots of questions are being asked about what the future looks like for pastoral and spiritual care, both in terms of expectations and employment opportunities, we are bringing together a collection of voices to envision the future possibilities and opportunities. By coming together in the form of an online conference, we seek to explore how we work together to create the future we prefer as pastoral and spiritual caregivers. What will it take to develop and prepare for the new possibilities and opportunities that are emerging? Join us as a presenter or a participant for the Envisioning the Future of Spiritual Care online conference November 6-15, 2013. Read more ...

How do we care for troublesome people?

We all encounter them, the people that we find to be troublesome. Whether it is in our departments, in our congregations, or among the patients and families we seek to serve. You know the people we are talking about: the ones that go behind your back, the ones that over exercise their authority, the ones that seek to divide, those who become overly dependent, and the prima donas that must be cared for delicately. Now you can learn how to approach these troubled and troublesome people in ways that are not dismissive but are caring and affirming, ways that are grounded in God's grace. Join us for this online seminar July 8-26, 2013.

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Oates Journal is on the Move, the Library is Under Construction

We are in the process of moving the Oates Journal to the main site. This is a big project because of the number of articles involved, but it will be extremely beneficial to have it back as part of the main site again. To access the Oates Journal now, just go to and click on Oates Journal in the top menu bar. In addition to being in the process of moving the Journal, we have started construction on the new Vicki Hollon Center for Oates Studies. You will want to follow the growth of the resources offered here. We still need to raise some more funds for several sections, so we will add those sections as funds come in for them.
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Featured Article

Helping Churches Care: Grief Ministry in Action by Cindy Wallace, D.Min.

In 2002, my life was turned upside down by the sudden death of my father. After his death I felt lost and often alone in my grief. Many people meant well, but no one really knew what to say or do. No one from my home church reached out to me beyond sending sympathy cards. Going to church and other public functions became a dreaded chore. Many people asked, “How are you?” but did not want to listen to the response. After a couple of weeks it felt as though people forgot about my grief and even stopped asking how I was doing.


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