aging-03aWe all know the statistics, human beings are living longer. With that happy news, we are faced with new choices and new decisions. Some of these we have only just begun to even contemplate. Other issues still await our attention. Among these are the issues of identity as retirement extends over decades, the reality that many people are living longer with serious illness or injury, and the complexities of managing resources and healthcare amid the challenges of not having family nearby. In September, we  will explore these issues in the seminar on Pastoral and Spiritual Care for a Society Living Longer.

The Oates Institute has long been working with issues of aging and has urged its members and friends to become more capable in various issues related to that. Our seminars on palliative care have been particularly popular and helpful.

Pastoral and Spiritual Care for a Society Living Longer provides the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary collaborative learning experience. Using email, members of the seminar group will explore the issues of ministering to an aging society by reflecting on the presented material in light of their own experience and context. Through this process the group benefits by learning from one another as well as from the presentations.

This seminar features the Oates Institute's Connected Learning approach and offers 12 contact hours of continuing education for ministers, counselors, chaplains, and social workers. To qualify for the CEUs participants are expected to read the presentations and participate in the email discussion by contributing at least 2 email messages per week. One message is to reflect on the presentations or case studies in light of one's personal experience and context and the second is to respond to someone else’s reflection or inquiry.

Pastoral and Spiritual Care for a Society Living Longer addresses numerous aging issues that need to be proactively addressed within congregational, healthcare, and community settings. It focuses in on the challenges that are exacerbated by societal ambivalence that seeks to ignore some of the deeper issues of self-esteem, meaning, and sense of purpose experienced in the aging process. The primary goal for this seminar is to provide a constructive and integrated format for addressing some of the spiritual, mental, and physical health issues of people living longer as they encounter new challenges in the aging process, including living longer with serious illness or injury.

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