Congregational Care Leadership Certificate Core Seminar
(required for Certificate)

January 6-31, 2014

Four weeks, 18 contact hours
Offered each session

pcs-01This is an introduction to the ministry of Congregational Care providing an overview for the nature and opportunities for congregational care and congregational care teams. This seminar also focuses on listening as a critical component in congregational care, providing participants with insights into the role of listening and how to listen most effectively.

This seminar provides participants the opportunity to learn through  reflective conversation, providing the opportunities to learn from one another as well as discover what we didn't know we knew. Participants are asked to reflect on each week's presentation in light of their own experience and context. Through this process the group benefits by learning from each other's contexts and experience as well as from the presentations.

Following this seminar, participants should enhance their skills to:

  1. Understand and practice foundational skills for providing Congregational Care.

  2. Reflect on theological perspectives of providing care to others.

  3. Recognize the importance of offering a caring presence.

  4. Provide enhanced listening skills by listening in deeper ways, from different perspectives.

  5. Shift the focus of caring from "doing" to "being."

Required Books:

  • A Primer in Pastoral Care by Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner
  • Listening and Caring Skills by John Savage


This seminar features the Oates Institute's Connected Learning approach and is limited to 12 participants. Tuition for this seminar is only $25 this month. While the registration fee is usually $90, registration this month is being supported by contributions made to offer scholarships for up to 50 persons allowing for a $25 registration fee. Seminar requires at least eight people registering to proceed as scheduled.

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