Dr. Georgine BuckwalterThe Rev. Dr. Georgine Buckwalter, chaplain at the Episcopal Church Home in Louisville, has been named as the recipient of the 2013 Wayne Oates Award and will be speaking at this year's Oates Award Banquet. Make your reservations for the banquet and award presentation now. The Award Banquet, cosponsored by the Wayne Oates Institute and Long Run Baptist Association, will be on October 3, at 6 pm, at Broadway Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Buckwalter's presentation in receiving the award will be "Boomers: Aging and Pastoral Care."

 Dr. Buckwalter has specialized in pastoral care for the elderly for over 25 years and is well known for her work with the elderly patients she cares for and their families. Her passion for the elderly has compelled her to teach, mentor, publish, and speak to church, educational, and professional groups. She shares her message of hope, inspiration, and comfort with patients, family members, caregivers, students, interns, and other professionals. As Baby Boomers reach retirement age, issues surrounding care and counseling of the elderly will become increasingly important, especially in light of their opportunity to live longer with serious illness or injury than prior generations.

Dr. Buckwalter says that she is “relentlessly positive” about her profession, and it becomes abundantly clear when she speaks about aging, the elderly, and the nature of care that is possible when respect, understanding, and Christian love are present. The Rev. Dr. Georgine Buckwalter is ordained in the Episcopal Church, and has received both Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees. In addition to serving as the Director of Pastoral Care for the Episcopal Church Home in Louisville, she serves as the Pastor for their on-site church, St Luke’s Chapel, and serves as a field education supervisor and mentor for students.

The Oates Award was established in 1989 by the Long Run Baptist Association in Louisville, Kentucky, and has continued as an annual recognition honoring the legacy of Dr. Wayne E. Oates. The Wayne Oates Institute became a co-sponsor of this award is 2003 and remains committed to continuing this tradition and promoting it internationally. The award recognizes persons who have exemplified the ministry of pastoral care in areas of ministry, leadership, and personal service. Recent Oates Award recipients include Dr. Loren Townsend (2012), the Rev. Dr. Helen Jones (2011), Dr. Hardy Clemons (2010), Dr. Allan Josephson (2009), and Dr. Kay Shurden (2008). 

Tickets are $30 per person if purchased by September 26 ($40 at the door).


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The award, co-presented by the Wayne Oates Institute and the Long Run Baptist Association, will be awarded during this year's Oates Award Banquet