Butterfly-01sWe have a group of exciting seminars coming up in July, including new seminars on Open Heart: Through the Eyes of a Heart Patient and The Practice of Saying No: Nurturing Silence and Sabbath. Add to this seminars on Educating Families on Death and Dying, How to Care for Troublesome People, and The Struggle to be Free. These are all three week seminars that run July 8-26 and offer 12 contact hours of continuing education credit for chaplains, counselors, social workers, and pastors. They also offer the opportunity to participate in continuing education from wherever you are according to your schedule.



July seminars will include:

deathanddying-butEducating Families on Death and Dying — Chaplains, social workers, pastors, and other spiritual care givers face special communication challenges when working with families facing death and dying. It doesn't matter whether death or the threat of death is through trauma, chronic illness, disease progression, or age; conversations about care plans, pain management, and decision points are often extremely difficult and painful for the patients, the families, pastors, and health care professionals. (more...)

Troublesome People How to Care for Troublesome People — Learn how to approach troubled and troublesome people in your congregation in ways that are not dismissive but are caring, affirming, and grounded in God's grace. (more...)


 bookcov-openheart-butOpen Heart: Through the Eyes of a Heart Patient — What might we learn about living life and providing pastoral and spiritual care to heart patients and their families by listening closely to the experience of one. In his book, Open Heart, Elie Wiesel writes, ““what does being resuscitated mean if not rediscovering one’s future?" (more...)

bookcov-sayingno-but Practice of Saying No: Nurturing Silence and Sabbath
 In The Practice of Saying No, beloved author and preacher Barbara Brown Taylor reflects on the meaning of keeping the Sabbath: of saying no to work and doing, but instead celebrating stopping, resting on the porch, and taking the time to recognize our interconnectedness.  (more...)

stbf-buttonThe Struggle to be Free: Exploring Our Stories This seminar invites participants to explore how the story of our struggle to be free from what binds us intersects with Wayne Oates' experience as described in his book, The Struggle To Be Free, and how we might help those we serve explore and reframe their stories in their own struggle to be free. (more...)

Participants are invited to join in small group peer-to-peer learning as they engage in conversation around presented resources combined with the opportunity to reflect on and share, out of their experience. By using email discussion groups and online classrooms, participants may engage in the seminars as it is convenient to their schedules. Registration is free for Oates Institute Clinical members and $90 for non-members. Registration for each seminar is limited to 12 participants. The registration deadline is July 3. Seminars may be postponed or cancelled if there are insufficient registrations.

Registration is now closed for July


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