participateThe Oates Institute offers a variety of learning opportunities for both Clinical and Congregational members. Clinical Membership is for individuals seeking continuing professional education related to holistic spiritual care. It is for chaplains, counselors, pastors, social workers, and other caregivers working from a mind-body-spirit perspective.

The Oates Institute offers over 40–50 online seminars per year for Clinical Members and an equal number for Congregational Care Network members. Each seminar is structured around a small peer group of 8–12 participants plus a faculty facilitator. These seminars utilize a Connected Learning approach that allows participants to learn from each other as well as from presented resources.

By transcending the need to share the same physical space, or to be online at the same time, participants are able to interact with each other from any time zone or location that has internet access. With this high degree of schedule flexibility, participants have time for personal reflection in the context of a supportive peer group.

Most seminars are designed for three weeks and they feature at least one presentation per week. Participants may earn 12 contact hours of continuing education credit when they meet the participation requirements of a three week seminar.


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