Dedicated to
Amelia Brown Frazier


I am indebted to the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Silences of the School of Medicine of the University of Louisville for the privilege of six weeks' leave during which I have written this book. I am especially appreciative of the encouragement and permission of Chairman and Professor John Schwab, M.D., in this project.

This book—as is reflected in Chapter 7, on the home as a place of rest—has been written while I have been at home. I am indebted to my wife, Pauline, for her comradeship in the thinking and writing that has gone into these pages. She brings both rest and inspiration to me as she always has in our forty-one years of marriage.

Then, too, the actual logistics of the research and manuscript preparation, and the management of my office, were done by my steadfast friend, colleague, and research assistant, Jenni Khaliel. I acknowledge my deep appreciation for her as a person and as a professional woman. She has made this effort possible in practical terms, and without her work it could not have been done. To her I express my deep gratitude.




The republication of this book was made possible through a grant from Eleanor Bingham Miller