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In this time of change when lots of questions are being asked about what the future looks like for pastoral and spiritual care, both in terms of expectations and employment opportunities, we are bringing together a collection of voices to envision the future possibilities and opportunities. By coming together in the form of an online conference, we seek to explore how we work together to create the future we prefer as pastoral and spiritual caregivers. What will it take to develop and prepare for the new possibilities and opportunities that are emerging? Join us as a presenter or a participant for the Envisioning the Future of Spiritual Care online conference November 6-15, 2013.

futureconference-sidebanner2Join us as a presenter. We are currently seeking presentations that share your insights on the possibilities and opportunities for pastoral and spiritual care in the emerging future. What are your perspectives for how we might develop and prepare for these possibilities and opportunities? We especially are looking for practical applications focused on what you have done toward developing your future as we look at the growing areas of palliative care, post traumatic stress syndrome, mental health care, or end of life care. What insights do you have for addressing the growing expectations around the rapidly growing population of older persons, many of whom are living longer with serious illnesses or injuries? Or for adapting to expectations around the reorganizing of health care in an effort to be more affordable and accessible while also continuing to be more profitable?

Join us as a participant in the converversation. The conference will feature a series of opportunities for being in conversation with the presenters. Presentations will be posted in advance to allow everyone to view them at their convenience. During the conference we will feature different presentations each day and schedule real time conversations with the presenters allowing for discussion of the presentations.

Presenters already committed include:

  • Wendy Cadge, Ph.D., Author, Paging God: Religion in the Halls of Medicine
  • Valerie Storms, M.Div., BCC, President, Association of Professional Chaplains
  • Patricia Appelhans, JD, CEO, Association of Professional Chaplains
  • Doug Ronsheim, D.Min., Executive Director, American Association of Pastoral Counselors
  • John Swinton, Ph.D., Spirituality and Health, Kings College, Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Carrie Doehring, Ph.D., Iliff Seminary, developed a PTSD program for the Air Force
  • Bruce Rumbold, Ph.D., Palliative Care Senior Lecturer, Public Health, Australia
  • Dallas Little, D.Min., Air Force chaplain (Major) working with PTSD
  • Mark Grace, M.Div., BCC,  Vice President, Office of Mission & Ministry, Baylor Health Care System
  • Paul Simmons, Ph.D., Bioethicist, University of Louisville Medical School
  • George Handzo, M.Div., BCC, Healthcare Chaplaincy and Chaplaincy consultant
  • Patricia Donahoo, D.Min., Director of Women's Ministries, Disciples of Christ
  • Clifford Kuhn, MD, Psyciatrist known as the Laugh Doctor, specialist in integrative medicine
  • Joseph Steier, JD, President, Signature Healthcare
  • Dianne Timmering, Vice President of Spirituality, Signature Healthcare

Conference registration is $49 for Oates Institute Members or $120 for non-members. Or combine a membership with a conference registration for as little as $189 (value $285).

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