journalIn light of new opportunities offered within the new content management system that we are using for the website, we have the opportunity to bring the Oates Journal back to the main site. Since 2008, when we started to renew the publication of the Journal, it has been located on a subdomain ( where it could have its own design and look. The primary complication was that it also required a separate member database that added to password complications and confusion. With the new platform, we have not only much better security but a lot more flexibility in design between sections of the siteā€”or as we look at it, the different parts of our virtual campus.


We are now in the process of moving the Oates Journal. The links on the menu above will take you to its new location. Because of the number of articles in the Journal, going back to 1998 when it first began, this is a major project that will take some time. We are starting with the most recent articles and working our way back. We have planned this migration for some time, but it was delayed by other projects. Part of the reason that we are doing it now is because the old site ended up being compromised by the attack of the malware invaders, as some of you have noticed.

There are a couple of consequences to this, in addition to improved security and login consistency. The most significant is that all of the article links (the URLs or universal resource locators) will change. The articles will no longer be available where they were. We will add a site redirect page to the new Oates Journal location, but will not create one for each article. So, if you are accustomed to looking for particular articles in our archive, they will no longer be at the old address.

A second consequence is that we will not be moving the registered user database for the Oates Journal. People who are only subscribers to the Journal will have to resubscribe. The Oates Journal will still continue to be be a free subscription supported by the generosity of contributors to the Oates Institute, especially the Two Lattes Club.

We do invite your support of the ongoing publication of the Oates Journal through participation in the Two Lattes Club or through one time contributions. The Two Lattes Club is a group of contributors who make the continued publication of the Oates Journal possible through monthly contributions ranging from the cost of two lattes to a nice dinner out. This is critical to the ongoing health and survival of the Oates Journal as it takes TIME and EFFORT to solicit articles, edit and format them, and to publish them. Please consider joining us below.

We also invite your support through the submission of articles, reviews, art, or poetry. Send submissions and inquiries to Michael Purintun.

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