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Many of you may be wondering about your membership dates, or maybe you are not aware that almost everyone shows up on the system as beginning in April of 2013. This is because we moved all of you to a new system by hand. In actuality, when we send renewal notices, they are usually to either warn you that your membership is nearing its end, or may have lapsed. You can check that, on your end, by logging in and going to your profile account. You will see a tab for subscriptions, and there you can see whether you are up-to-date or not.

So, now that you know whether you are current, why not take a moment to renew. To get the July special, use the links in this article. Join the Oates Institute as we celebrate July, and beat the heat with our cool membership special for members, friends, and anyone else.

This 20% discount will only be available for a limited time, so please do not delay.



Here at the Oates Institute membership provides you with unlimited access to our seminars, online resources, and the Oates Journal. Our seminars, in particular, are a constantly changing and challenging way to spur your brain and heart into new directions and new ways of thinking and doing. Most seminars offer 12 contact hours for the 3-week long seminar. We are accredited to provide CEUs to chaplains, pastoral counselors, clergy, social workers, nurses, and many others.

We are also rolling out a series of 1-week long book studies in the fall! These will be brand new, and more information is found here.

We also provide a number of online resources in our Hollon Center for Oates Studies that are unique to us. These include presentations, articles, and access to the features of previous conferences and events. We also provide a subscription to the Oates Journal, an online professional publication for spiritual caregivers that has been publishing articles on these topics for over 15 years.

For those that are already members, take this opportunity to renew your membership for one year or even two years, locking in this special rate. You can also combine this special with a fall conference registration (a $120 value) for just $49. This year's conference is going to be incredible, and we hope you will join us for it:

Envisioning the Future of Spiritual Care will bring together people from a wide variety of backgrounds to explore together what our shared future might be. This critical thinking will help shape the future of spiritual care in dynamic ways.

If you've been waiting for a time to renew, or for the fiscal year to end in June, wait no longer. This special will be over soon, so please don't put off this opportunity to join us as we strive toward a better educated and better prepared caregiving team.

Remember, time is fleeting, so Renew or Join NOW.