bricks-05-sThe construction of the Vicki L. Hollon Center for Oates Studies was made possible through the contributions of bricks, foundation stones, and cornerstones along with special gifts for the various collections in the library.  This growing  collection of resources serves both Clinical and Congregational Care Network members in a variety of ways, including resources for seminars and independent study.

Maintaining this library and continuing to add new resources also depends on the support of friends through one time gifts and small monthly contributions. We invite you to become a Friend of the Library today.

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Naming Contributors in honor of Vicki Hollon:

  • Jim and Judy Adams
  • Howard and Barbara Dan Butt, Jr.

Room Contributors:

  • Elaine Akin in memory of Bert Akin
  • Betty Jo Gaba in memory of Charles Gaba, MD
  • William Holmes
  • Anne Ogden
  • Bert and Sharon Perkins in honor of Chris Hammon

Corner Stones -- $500 contributors

  • Hardy Clemons in honor of Vicki Hollon
  • Chris and Annie Hammon in memory of Robert Christopher Hammon
  • Ted Hodge
  • William Holmes
  • Daniel and Janet Meister in memory of George Perry
  • Isaac Njuguna
  • Mary Ellen and Lee Yates
  • Jan Yusk

Foundation Stones -- $250 contributors

  • Dina Carroll
  • Steve and Patty Coppock
  • James and Mary Fleming in honor of Wade Rowatt
  • Jim and Ruth Holladay in honor of Chris Hammon
  • Carol Mattingly and reading group in honor of Lynn Meckler
  • Benny McCracken in honor of Clarence Y Barton
  • Lynn Meckler
  • Maggie Miller
  • Marc Purintun in honor of Wayne Purintun
  • Michael Purintun in honor of Wayne Purintun
  • Jan Shockley
  • Marlin Whitmer

 Brickholders -- $100 Contributions

  • John Abel in honor of his daughters
  • Brent Adams
  • Barry and Larie Allen
  • John and Carolyn Arnett
  • Greg and Jackie Barr in honor of Charlotte Hibbs
  • Patty Bellinger in honor of Chris Hammon
  • Charles Brockwell
  • Jim and Mary Crane in memory of Bert Akin
  • Nancy Davis in honor of Vicki Hollon
  • Sharon Deatz
  • Greg and Nell Earwood in honor of Vicki Hollon
  • Karen Estle
  • Richard and Bonnie Fellows (2) in honor of Mrs. Helen Keller and David Fellows
  • Deborah Fortel and David Sawyer
  • Mervyn and Linda Friberg
  • Anthony and Kathi Gutierrez in honor of Chris Hammon
  • James and Rose Marie Hawkins (2) in honor of Jim Mahanes
  • David Haworth
  • Charlotte Hibbs
  • Vicki and Leslie Hollon
  • Eric Holmstrom
  • Helen Jones
  • Allan Josephson
  • John and Kathye Kerchner-Boyle
  • Cinda King
  • Ron and Judy King in memory of Dr. Andrew Lester
  • Clifford Kuhn, MD
  • Forest Kuhn
  • Myron and Ann Madden in honor of Jack and Carolyn Turner
  • Leann McConchie
  • Alissa Meriwether
  • Roger Murchison
  • Wesley M. "Pat" Pattillo in honor of the Rev. Zelma M. Pattillo
  • Wayne Purintun
  • William H. Rogers in memory of Martha Rogers
  • Patti Schiller in honor of Vicki Hollon and Lynn Meckler
  • Madeline Seim
  • Jocelyn Sherman
  • Paul and Betty Simmons (2)
  • Rick Underwood
  • Marlin Whitmer
  • Anne Windus
  • C. Roy and Kay Woodruf in memory of Wayne and Pauline Oates
  • Jesse and Susanne Wright