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2017 Seminar Schedule

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2017 Seminars / Learning Experiences


Book Study: The Great Spiritual Migration: How the Worlds Largest Religion is Seeking a Better Way to Be Christian, by Brian McLaren, the discussion will include a recorded live interview with Dr. McLaren. Facilitated by Lee Whitlock

A Goal-Setting Seminar. Facilitated by Rick Underwood


Book Study: Dropping the Struggle: Seven Ways to Love the Life Have, by Roger Housden. Facilitated by Trish Matthews
The Power to Bless. Facilitated by Dale Buffington
Resilience in Spiritual Care Giving Part I, facilitated by Marcia Marino
Moral Injury, based on Rita Brock’s book, Soul Repair, and other resources.


Spiritual Care of the Alcoholic and Drug Addicted. Facilitated by Lee Whitlock
Grieving: Helping People Invite God into Their Pain
Integrative Mind-Body Medicine, Peter Buecker, M.D.
Strategic Chaplaincy: Ways to Get a Seat at the Leadership Table. Facilitated by Rick Underwood


Healing: Broadening Spiritual Work Care to Include Intentional Healing. Facilitated by Heather Fraser Fawcett
Compassion Fatigue. Facilitated by Lisa Wood


Research 101 in Spiritual Care
Gifts of Imperfection
Resilience in Spiritual Care Giving Part II, facilitated by Marcia Marino


Breaking the Silence: Spirituality and Palliative Care. Facilitated by Dina Carroll
Research 201 in Spiritual Care. Facilitated by guest professional researchers
Up from the Ashes: A Father and Son’s Journey through Addiction and Recovery. Facilitated by authors, Jay & Rick Underwood


Summer Break


Holding the Boundaries: Professional Ethics
Struggle to be Free
Preaching and Pastoral Care
Spirituality and Fiction: The Spirituality of the Ghost Story

Tapping into Prayer: The Use of Emotional Freedom Technique to Center. Facilitated by Karen Lovett (postponed)


On-line Live Adobe Connect Conference, Spirituality and Aging – Faculty to be announced


Care of the Troublesome Person


Spiritual Care of the Psychiatric Patient, Facilitated by Dale McAbee
Advent Study
How Surrogate Decision-Makers Access or Fail to Access Spiritual and Religious Resources when Making Life-Sustaining Decisions, Facilitator, Stephen Ivy, tentative

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